[pve-devel] ceph osd over zfs volume

Paul Penev ppquant at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 14:58:34 CEST 2014

Martin>If someone wants a custom Ceph setup with experimental
features, then default Proxmox VE Ceph GUI is probably not the right
tool for this.

I agree. This is why I don't want to patch the gui. I need a low-level
door for doing "advanced" stuff, if block devices can be considered
advanced (md/lvm etc).

This is a typical case of two weights, two measures.

You don't allow "experimental" yet pveceph will happily accept to
format an OSD with BTRFS which is experimental by nature, and yet
there's an option to install ceph firefly which is not released yet,
but using something as stable and tried as LVM or MD is not allowed.
Beats me!

Dietmar> I think your setup makes no sense.

I respect your opinion. Please respect mine.

All I asked for in the beginning was a one-line patch to allow a
different configuration in proxmox, that is useful to "me" and does
not hurt "you".

I see no point in continuing the discussion. It has morphed into a
philosophical skirmish and will lead nowhere.

Thanks for your time.

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