[pve-devel] New Feature: ZFS 'generic' support for LUN management. (Take 3 ; ])

Pablo Ruiz García pablo.ruiz at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 02:08:09 CEST 2014


This is a new version of my ZFS's LUN management code refactor, this time completely
removing 'embedded' LunCmd drivers, and adding them as independent perl scripts
to pve-storage repo.

ZFSPlugin functionality has been tested and it works fine with our one zfs-helper,
also, I've tried to test each zfs-helper by ensuring it was executing the appropiate 
commands for it's underlaying system, etc. But more testing by other ZFS users is 
wellcomed, as I have no access to each scenario supported.

Also, my own helper script along with a few more scripts needed to setup a CentOS
cluster with ZFS On Linux, plus iSCSI+NFS sharing, etc. are available at my github
address: https://github.com/pruiz/zfs-cluster 
I will be adding a wiki page describing the setup, so other users can reproduce our 
own setup too. And I would love to be able to update proxmox's ZFS wiki page once
this new feature is merged and available to everyone.


[PATCH 1/5] This patch refactors ZFS's LUN management code, removing the existing
[PATCH 2/5] Remove now deprecated LunCmd drivers.
[PATCH 3/5] Do not expose every value from storage.cfg as PMXCFG_*, and instead
[PATCH 4/5] Added existing LunCmd code rewritten as independent scripts
[PATCH 5/5] Implemented --remote option to zfs helper scripts, allowing local vs remote execution.

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