[pve-devel] Better translate to Spanish language

Cesar Peschiera brain at click.com.py
Tue Apr 8 07:39:42 CEST 2014

Exist, but don't sound well for his purpose (i don't like),  i believe that 
this word ("storage" or "almacenamiento", or whatever is written in his 
language) should be one line up of the field to select, of this manner you 
will not see the overlapped.

Also, i don't have tested in others languages.

What do you think?

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> In the Spanisg language, if you enter in the left panel of PVE GUI to a
> definite
> storage, for the purpose of do a restore, you will can see that the word
> "Almacenamiento" (in English mean: Storage) is overlapped with his field
> corresponding, and this shows a awful aesthetics.

And there is no shortcut for that word?

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