[pve-devel] small dhcp patch review

Alexandre DERUMIER aderumier at odiso.com
Wed Sep 11 03:57:17 CEST 2013

Hi Dietmar,

I have tested your patches, seem to works great.

some notes:

1) we can use bridge without gateway defined. (this is my production setup, the only gateway is for the proxmox host admin ip)

sub get_dhcp_ifaces {
    my ($ifaces) = @_;

    my $dhcp_ifaces = {};
    foreach my $iface (keys %$ifaces) {
        next if $iface eq 'lo';
        my $d = $ifaces->{$iface};
        next if $d->{method} ne 'static';
        next if !$d->{address};
        next if !$d->{netmask};
        next if !$d->{gateway};  #remove this

2) where to defined dhcp options ? (like gateway,..).
   resources.cfg in ippool seem to be the right place.(I think you have suggested this too)

3) maybe send a warning or die if ip configured for the vm is not on the right bridge/ippool. (because it'll not get any ip from dhcp server)

Otherwise, things works fine

I was also thinking about something (not sure is a good idea):

As we could restrict user permission to use only some ippool, 

maybe could we extend ipool concept to "virtual network" concept (ip range optionnal and also defined if nat|routed|bridge)  

vnetwork: vnetwork_1
          comment dhcp bridge
          dhcp vmbr2
          type bridge

vnetwork: vnetwork_2
          comment dhcp routed bridge
          dhcp vmbr3
          type routed

vnetwork: vnetwork_3
          comment dhcp nat bridge
          dhcp vmbr4
          type nat

vnetwork: vnetwork_4
          comment simple bridge without dhcp
          type bridge

then in vm config





So you can give to a customer an access only to a specific vnetwork, user just have to setup ip and don't need to care about bridge name,routed/bridge,vlan.

and of course we can keep old bridge option to not break current setups.

What do you think about this ? 

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