[pve-devel] openvz vm migration bug?

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Wed Nov 6 13:54:31 CET 2013

> > No matter, what error i get. If there is an error, container must be restored on
> first node with condition, that it has on suspend.
> But that restore can also fail.
> So most times it is better to migrate, because you have the data on the node it
> should be.
> Ok, then there must be a try of restore.

And how does that help (the VM is already stopped, and you cannot restore anyways)?

> And it's doesn't mean that VM must be destroyed on migrate error.

AFAIK we do not destroy anything (we move data from one node to another).

> And why proxmox doesn't use 'vzmigrate' utility?

Because we want to use our framework for storage related tasks.

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