[pve-devel] new ceph stable release !

Alexandre DERUMIER aderumier at odiso.com
Tue May 7 11:09:04 CEST 2013

a new ceph stable version has been released 

packages for wheezy are here:


release note:

Spring has arrived (at least for some of us), and a new stable release of 
Ceph is ready!  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this release!

Bigger ticket items since v0.56.x "Bobtail":

 * ceph-deploy: our new deployment tool to replace 'mkcephfs'
 * robust RHEL/CentOS support
 * ceph-disk: many improvements to support hot-plugging devices via chef 
   and ceph-deploy
 * ceph-disk: dm-crypt support for OSD disks
 * ceph-disk: 'list' command to see available (and used) disks
 * rbd: incremental backups
 * rbd-fuse: access RBD images via fuse
 * librbd: autodetection of VM flush support to allow safe enablement of 
   the writeback cache
 * osd: improved small write, snap trimming, and overall performance
 * osd: PG splitting
 * osd: per-pool quotas (object and byte)
 * osd: tool for importing, exporting, removing PGs from OSD data store
 * osd: improved clean-shutdown behavior
 * osd: noscrub, nodeepscrub options
 * osd: more robust scrubbing, repair, ENOSPC handling
 * osd: improved memory usage, log trimming
 * osd: improved journal corruption detection
 * ceph: new 'df' command
 * mon: new storage backend (leveldb)
 * mon: config-keys service
 * mon, crush: new commands to manage CRUSH entirely via CLI
 * mon: avoid marking entire subtrees (e.g., racks) out automatically
 * rgw: CORS support
 * rgw: misc API fixes
 * rgw: ability to listen to fastcgi on a port
 * sysvinit, upstart: improved support for standardized data locations
 * mds: backpointers on all data and metadata objects
 * mds: faster fail-over
 * mds: many many bug fixes
 * ceph-fuse: many stability improvements

Notable changes since v0.60:

 * rbd: incremental backups
 * rbd: only set STRIPINGV2 feature if striping parameters are 
   incompatible with old versions
 * rbd: require allow-shrink for resizing images down
 * librbd: many bug fixes
 * rgw: fix object corruption on COPY to self
 * rgw: new sysvinit script for rpm-based systems
 * rgw: allow buckets with _
 * rgw: CORS support
 * mon: many fixes
 * mon: improved trimming behavior
 * mon: fix data conversion/upgrade problem (from bobtail)
 * mon: ability to tune leveldb
 * mon: config-keys service to store arbitrary data on monitor
 * mon: osd crush add|link|unlink|add-bucket ... commands
 * mon: trigger leveldb compaction on trim
 * osd: per-rados pool quotas (objects, bytes)
 * osd: tool to export, import, and delete PGs from an individual OSD data 
 * osd: notify mon on clean shutdown to avoid IO stall
 * osd: improved detection of corrupted journals
 * osd: ability to tune leveldb
 * osd: improve client request throttling
 * osd, librados: fixes to the LIST_SNAPS operation
 * osd: improvements to scrub error repair
 * osd: better prevention of wedging OSDs with ENOSPC
 * osd: many small fixes
 * mds: fix xattr handling on root inode
 * mds: fixed bugs in journal replay
 * mds: many fixes
 * librados: clean up snapshot constant definitions
 * libcephfs: calls to query CRUSH topology (used by Hadoop)
 * ceph-fuse, libcephfs: misc fixes to mds session management
 * ceph-fuse: disabled cache invalidation (again) due to potential 
   deadlock with kernel
 * sysvinit: try to start all daemons despite early failures
 * ceph-disk: new list command
 * ceph-disk: hotplug fixes for RHEL/CentOS
 * ceph-disk: fix creation of OSD data partitions on >2TB disks
 * osd: fix udev rules for RHEL/CentOS systems
 * fix daemon logging during initial startup

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