[pve-devel] pve-kernel: enable querier by default

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Thu Mar 14 16:40:23 CET 2013

> >>The bad think with multicast_querier disabled is that it works sometimes,
> sometimes not.
> >>Behavior is not really reproducible (when multicast_querier is also disabled on
> the switch).
> I think that the problem is that if no querier are available on the network, the
> switchs should forward to all ports by default.
> Now, if before we have querier from linux bridge, maybe physical switchs have
> made igmp group.
> And removal of the querier on linux bridge make the switches stop forwarding.

But why can I reboot one node 5 times without problems, but on next reboot I can't get quorum (timeout)?
> I'll write somes informations on the wiki in multicast doc for cisco users or
> people who's want to disable querier.


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