[pve-devel] corosync, multicast problem because of vmbr multicast_snooping enabled

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Fri Mar 8 16:58:03 CET 2013

> What is your problem exactly ?

Martin updated 2 clusters, and now I get strange TOTEM error - corosync does not work.

Mar  8 14:30:23 hp1 corosync[1588]:   [TOTEM ] Totem is unable to form a cluster because of an operating system or network fault. The most common cause of this message is that the local firewall is configured improperly.

> Note that I think you need to disable igmp snooping on all nodes at the same
> time,
> because it's possible that nodes with igmp snooping enabled won't see the nodes
> with igmp snooping disabled.

multicast also does not work between updated nodes.

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