[pve-devel] features ideas for 3.0 roadmap

James A. Coyle james.coyle at jamescoyle.net
Wed Mar 6 11:18:20 CET 2013

I would +1 the backups, it's the one part of Proxmox which drives me mad! I tend to SSH in and rename them manually for major backups. 

I'd like to see some small UI changes:
- Add a search box under Storage > Content so that we can start to type and the content is filtered. 
- On Create Backup Job - allow a name or comment to describe the backup.
- As discussed - backups are tricky to manage on VMID alone. 

Overall though, it's a great product! I use 2 x 3 node clusters and use about a 50:50 split between QEMU and OpenVZ. Thanks for your efforts! 

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> - finish vm/templates copy/clone
> - storage migration
> - storage migration + live migration for local disks
> - add hyperv cpu features for windows > 2008
> - add spice console support (openstack has added spice-html5 console, so it should work now)
> - add support for qemu guest agent
> - finish cleanup of hotplug/unplug with cooperation of guest agent
> - add dynamic nic vlan change
> - add dynamic nic rate limit change
> What do you think about this ? Other ideas are welcome :)

Sounds great.

- Add vCPU, vRAM and bridges (networks) to pools
- Improve backup handling. Like mentioned before on the forums backup
name based solely on VMID is confusing. Needs somekind of notes
included in the backup
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