[pve-devel] PROXMOX 2.2 FREEBSD

Alexandre DERUMIER aderumier at odiso.com
Sun Mar 3 18:06:46 CET 2013

-machine pc-1.0  is used to keep compatibility with older qemu release.

(pc-1.0 = kvm 1.0)

So maybe something new (motherboard,chipset...) in > pc-1.0 broke freebsd support

Do you have tried pc-1.1, pc-1.2, pc-1.3, pc-1.4... ?

It could be great to known the more recent pc-x version we can use.

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I traced the problem, comparing the proxmox kvm command line with the 
one I use in my Ubuntu PC. The whole problem is that FreeBSD 9.1 needs 
in order to run the installer, the option 

-machine pc-1.0 

so you need to add it to your vmi.conf the following way 

args: -machine pc-1.0 

Maybe it should be added as an option for the GUI if your host is a 
FreeBSD system. 

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