[pve-devel] boot from scsi

Michael Rasmussen mir at datanom.net
Sun Jul 28 14:22:50 CEST 2013

Som tests I have made shows that performance is increased between
15-300% using virio-scsi instead of lsi. Only when using NoCache there
seems to be no performance difference.

Using fio with this config file:
rwmixread=75 # 3:1 read:write
# size = free-ram * 80% / 5







SCSI disk via LSI
sla-0: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2540
  read : io=2282.8MB, bw=3891.2KB/s, iops=243 , runt=600601msec
  write: io=782048KB, bw=1302.2KB/s, iops=81 , runt=600601msec
sla-1: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2541
  read : io=2111.3MB, bw=3602.3KB/s, iops=225 , runt=600151msec
  write: io=717216KB, bw=1195.6KB/s, iops=74 , runt=600151msec
sla-2: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2542
  read : io=1694.6MB, bw=2891.5KB/s, iops=180 , runt=600108msec
  write: io=573760KB, bw=979040 B/s, iops=59 , runt=600108msec
sla-3: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2543
  read : io=267200KB, bw=455899 B/s, iops=27 , runt=600161msec
  write: io=89472KB, bw=152657 B/s, iops=9 , runt=600161msec
sla-4: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2544
  read : io=260352KB, bw=444188 B/s, iops=27 , runt=600197msec
  write: io=83920KB, bw=143176 B/s, iops=8 , runt=600197msec

SCSI disk via scsi-virtio
sla-0: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2483
  read : io=1185.9MB, bw=2023.5KB/s, iops=126 , runt=600117msec
  write: io=401408KB, bw=684936 B/s, iops=41 , runt=600117msec
sla-1: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2484
  read : io=1971.8MB, bw=3364.6KB/s, iops=210 , runt=600111msec
  write: io=668800KB, bw=1114.5KB/s, iops=69 , runt=600111msec
sla-2: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2485
  read : io=1622.8MB, bw=2768.1KB/s, iops=173 , runt=600105msec
  write: io=554736KB, bw=946583 B/s, iops=57 , runt=600105msec
sla-3: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2486
  read : io=354032KB, bw=604104 B/s, iops=36 , runt=600109msec
  write: io=119664KB, bw=204189 B/s, iops=12 , runt=600109msec
sla-4: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2487
  read : io=308496KB, bw=526412 B/s, iops=32 , runt=600100msec
  write: io=101696KB, bw=173532 B/s, iops=10 , runt=600100msec

SCSI disk via LSI
sla-0: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2448
  read : io=298512KB, bw=7487.4KB/s, iops=467 , runt=600054msec
  write: io=1462.6MB, bw=2495.8KB/s, iops=155 , runt=600054msec
sla-1: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2449
  read : io=1190.2MB, bw=9021.6KB/s, iops=563 , runt=600047msec
  write: io=1761.7MB, bw=3006.3KB/s, iops=187 , runt=600047msec
sla-2: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2450
  read : io=2404.8MB, bw=11094KB/s, iops=693 , runt=600047msec
  write: io=2152.2MB, bw=3672.8KB/s, iops=229 , runt=600047msec
sla-3: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2451
  read : io=2004.1MB, bw=3420.6KB/s, iops=213 , runt=600055msec
  write: io=686544KB, bw=1144.2KB/s, iops=71 , runt=600055msec
sla-4: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2452
  read : io=1802.7MB, bw=3076.3KB/s, iops=192 , runt=600059msec
  write: io=617328KB, bw=1028.8KB/s, iops=64 , runt=600059msec

SCSI disk via scsi-virtio
sla-0: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2485
  read : io=1053.2MB, bw=8783.1KB/s, iops=548 , runt=600268msec
  write: io=1710.7MB, bw=2918.3KB/s, iops=182 , runt=600268msec
sla-1: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2486
  read : io=936432KB, bw=8547.9KB/s, iops=534 , runt=600239msec
  write: io=1675.6MB, bw=2858.5KB/s, iops=178 , runt=600239msec
sla-2: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2487
  read : io=739232KB, bw=8218.3KB/s, iops=513 , runt=600317msec
  write: io=1610.9MB, bw=2747.8KB/s, iops=171 , runt=600317msec
sla-3: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2488
  read : io=626384KB, bw=8030.4KB/s, iops=501 , runt=600332msec
  write: io=1571.0MB, bw=2679.8KB/s, iops=167 , runt=600332msec
sla-4: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2489
  read : io=1490.5MB, bw=9529.3KB/s, iops=595 , runt=600309msec
  write: io=1870.3MB, bw=3190.3KB/s, iops=199 , runt=600309msec

SCSI disk via LSI
sla-0: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2445
  read : io=3088.5MB, bw=12144KB/s, iops=759 , runt=605777msec
  write: io=2400.8MB, bw=4058.3KB/s, iops=253 , runt=605777msec
sla-1: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2446
  read : io=3092.6MB, bw=12151KB/s, iops=759 , runt=605777msec
  write: io=2394.9MB, bw=4048.3KB/s, iops=253 , runt=605777msec
sla-2: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2447
  read : io=818512KB, bw=15199KB/s, iops=949 , runt=605762msec
  write: io=2989.8MB, bw=5053.9KB/s, iops=315 , runt=605762msec
sla-3: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2448
  read : io=583296KB, bw=21732KB/s, iops=1358 , runt=605848msec
  write: io=194656KB, bw=7244.4KB/s, iops=452 , runt=605848msec
sla-4: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=2449
  read : io=650240KB, bw=7997.3KB/s, iops=499 , runt=605777msec
  write: io=1580.6MB, bw=2671.7KB/s, iops=166 , runt=605777msec

SCSI disk via scsi-virtio
sla-0: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=3166
  read : io=3872.4MB, bw=27576KB/s, iops=1723 , runt=600093msec
  write: io=1490.8MB, bw=9532.1KB/s, iops=595 , runt=600093msec
sla-1: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=3167
  read : io=3624.8MB, bw=27154KB/s, iops=1697 , runt=600092msec
  write: io=1405.4MB, bw=9387.6KB/s, iops=586 , runt=600092msec
sla-2: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=3168
  read : io=2835.2MB, bw=25808KB/s, iops=1612 , runt=600088msec
  write: io=1153.4MB, bw=8957.7KB/s, iops=559 , runt=600088msec
sla-3: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=3169
  read : io=1029.4MB, bw=29715KB/s, iops=1857 , runt=600085msec
  write: io=1942.1MB, bw=10305KB/s, iops=644 , runt=600085msec
sla-4: (groupid=0, jobs=1): err= 0: pid=3170
  read : io=745664KB, bw=29200KB/s, iops=1825 , runt=600097msec
  write: io=1821.4MB, bw=10097KB/s, iops=631 , runt=600097msec

Michael Rasmussen

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