[pve-devel] Contribution

Michael Svendsen michael at nsec.dk
Fri Jul 19 10:47:10 CEST 2013

Hi guys,


I'm interested in contributing code/features for Proxmox, and want to know
where to begin.

(I've already contributed with Danish translation. small thing, I know)


It's important to me to know how my code/features will be included in the
official release, and not only as my private patches.


Fx I don't want to come in a situation like Kamil where he develop a very
nice (in my opinion) feature - differential backup - which you don't want to
include in the release (don't know exact reason though)



I think it's a shame that features like these are not officially included in
your releases in some way... I understand that you want to keep things
simple and stable (or stable and simple J ), but at least it would be nice
to be able to fetch features like these - fx from a contribution repository,
or making the code more modulized/pluginable, so adding features like above
can be easy added by users.


Do you have a roadmap (not just the one from the wiki with 3 lines)? A





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