[pve-devel] stream lock status in the cluster ?

Alexandre DERUMIER aderumier at odiso.com
Mon Jul 15 09:06:40 CEST 2013

>>should we distribute that around the cluster? 
I'm not sure we have all informations from qmp status

>From the doc, the status values are:

- "status": one of the following values (json-string)
    "debug" - QEMU is running on a debugger
    "inmigrate" - guest is paused waiting for an incoming migration
    "internal-error" - An internal error that prevents further guest
    execution has occurred
    "io-error" - the last IOP has failed and the device is configured
    to pause on I/O errors
    "paused" - guest has been paused via the 'stop' command
    "postmigrate" - guest is paused following a successful 'migrate'
    "prelaunch" - QEMU was started with -S and guest has not started
    "finish-migrate" - guest is paused to finish the migration process
    "restore-vm" - guest is paused to restore VM state
    "running" - guest is actively running
    "save-vm" - guest is paused to save the VM state
    "shutdown" - guest is shut down (and -no-shutdown is in use)
    "watchdog" - the watchdog action is configured to pause and
     has been triggered

So, we can't see if a livemigrate is running from the source vm by example.

I was more thinking about stream the lock values

$conf->{lock} = 'migrate';
$conf->{lock} = 'backup';
$conf->{lock} = 'snapshot';
$conf->{lock} = 'rollback';

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> I wonder if we could steam the lock status ? 
> It could be great to display a new icon in pve-manager when a migration 
> occur or disk is move for example. 

# pvesh get /nodes/localhost/qemu/<VMID>/status/current 

that call provides => 'qmpstatus' 

should we distribute that around the cluster? 

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