[pve-devel] bug : balloon qom-set error on snapshot rollback

Alexandre DERUMIER aderumier at odiso.com
Mon Apr 29 10:52:34 CEST 2013

>>Maybe an eval could help ?

Better : 

I think we don't need to send balloon qmp commands if we load a statefile.
(As balloon service is already working in saved memory)

            if (!defined($conf->{balloon}) || $conf->{balloon}) {
                vm_mon_cmd_nocheck($vmid, "balloon", value => $conf->{balloon}*1024*1024)
                    if $conf->{balloon};
                vm_mon_cmd_nocheck($vmid, 'qom-set',
                            path => "machine/peripheral/balloon0",
                            property => "guest-stats-polling-interval",
                            value => 2);


            if (!$statefile && (!defined($conf->{balloon}) || $conf->{balloon}))

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Objet: [pve-devel] bug : balloon qom-set error on snapshot rollback 

I have had an error on rollback of a snapshot with memory saved, 
seem to be related to balloon qom-set pooling interval 

VM 114 qmp command 'qom-set' failed - unable to connect to VM 114 socket - timeout after 31 retries 

I think I have see a bug report about this on the forum. 

Maybe an eval could help ? 

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