[pve-devel] Count monthly traffic

Stefan Priebe - Profihost AG s.priebe at profihost.ag
Wed Apr 17 09:20:10 CEST 2013

Am 17.04.2013 09:08, schrieb Dietmar Maurer:
>>> It is still not clear if we want a single file, or multiple files. I
>>> guess this requires careful evaluation. How does such system behave
>>> when we have 3000VMs? We need to test that before we go further.
>> Oh i thought a single file containing 32 net in/out values. I've no idea how to test
>> i'm not really familiar with rrd.
> It is simply a requirement that you make yourself familiar with the required tools
> before you start any development - it is not that hard ;-)
Sure but how to benchmark? Just create a file with 32 values and create
2 files (this but be the avg of network interfaces) may be it is just 1.5.

And then update both each second and look at the disk i/o? Or how did
you imagine this. I think it makes no sense to compare 32 values agains
32 files as most VMs won't have 32 nics.


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