[pve-devel] [Enhancement request] Thin Provisionning problems.. need to zero LVM disks before deleting a VM

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Wed Mar 7 15:59:20 CET 2012

> > The idea is to use TRIM??
> I do not know if it's available in the LVM version shipped with Debian, but in

We do not use the standard debian lvm packages. Instead we use recent 2.02.88
> Centos 6 there is indeed the "issue_discards" setting you can set in lvm.conf to

great, that seem to be included in 2.02.88

> issue trim commands to the drive when lvremove and lvreduce is used.

So we should set issue_discards=1 in lvm.conf, and make the current code optional (any
idea how to call that option?).

Is issue_discard enabled by default in Centos? if not, why not?

- Dietmar

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