[pve-devel] centos crash after livemigration fix

Alexandre DERUMIER aderumier at odiso.com
Fri Mar 2 10:39:47 CET 2012

usb-hid-fix-tablet-activation.diff is a different problem. (tablet mouse pointer not selected by default) 

both patches are in the same serie, so I think they will be in the master tree in some weeks. 

I have compiled and retested pve-qemu-kvm, no more bug/crash for me. 
(tested centos,fedora,debian,ubuntu,win7 and win2008) 

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just pushed and update to the git repository - please test. 

Seems we still need usb-hid-fix-tablet-activation.diff? 

- Dietmar 

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> Hi, I finnaly found a patch in the last patches serie from redhat developper. 
> (not yes apply in qemu or kvm tree,only in the mailing for the moment). 
> This correct a bug in usb initialize which cause kvm segfault on random guest os. 
> Check for dev->config being NULL in two places: 
> The behavior of USB_REQ_GET_STATUS is unspecified in the Default state, that 
> corresponds to dev->config being NULL (it defaults to NULL and is reset 
> whenever a SET_CONFIGURATION with value 0, or attachment). I implemented 
> it to correspond with the state before 
> ed5a83ddd8c1d8ec7b1015315530cf29949e7c48, the commit moving 
> SET_STATUS to usb-desc; if dev->config is not set we return whatever is in the 
> first configuration. 
> The behavior of USB_REQ_GET_CONFIGURATION is also undefined before any 
> SET_CONFIGURATION, but here we just return 0 (same as specified for the 
> Address state). 
> A win7 guest failed to initialize the device before this patch, segfaulting when 
> GET_STATUS was called with dev->config == NULL. With this patch the 
> passthrough device still doesn't work but the failure is unrelated. 
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