[pve-devel] Fix tablet as default pointer after live migration

Alexandre DERUMIER aderumier at odiso.com
Wed Feb 29 07:58:45 CET 2012

I'll send the patch today.

this only correct the windows mouse bug with not crash under centos.

By the way, i'm trying to debug the crash with gdg to send a backtrace to qemu mailing list.
the kvm process segfault when the bug occur.

I'm not expert with gdb,maybe can you help me ?

I had recompiled kvm package with --enable-debug option.
when using gbg, i have a backtrace when kvm process crash but it cannot found any symbols at backtrace address.

when gdb launch, it say that it correctly load symbols from /usr/bin/kvm and
I can list source code function with 
(gdb) info functions  

maybe does I need to recompile external lib (vnc,...) with debug too ?

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> Hi, 
> we can also apply the patch on qemu-kvm, from yesterday qemu mailing list. 

Oh, I thought that is for anothe bug. 
> Maybe it's a cleaner way ? 

Sure. Pease send patches (to revert other changes). 

- Dietmar 



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