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Author: dietmar
Date: 2011-01-13 08:09:40 +0100 (Thu, 13 Jan 2011)
New Revision: 5377


Modified: pve-common/trunk/README.dev
--- pve-common/trunk/README.dev	2011-01-13 06:26:59 UTC (rev 5376)
+++ pve-common/trunk/README.dev	2011-01-13 07:09:40 UTC (rev 5377)
@@ -1,6 +1,29 @@
 Short Intro to Proxmox VE V2 development
+PVE V2 package overview
+Here is the list of svn modules you need to download and install:
@@ -25,10 +48,10 @@
 Additionally, we use JSON Schema [2] to formally describe our API. So
 we can automatically generate the whole API Documentation, and we can
-verify all parameters and return values if they conform to the schema.
+verify all parameters and return values.
 An great side effect was that we are able to use JSON Schema to
-produce command line argument parser automatically. In fact, the REST
+produce command line argument parsers automatically. In fact, the REST
 API and the command line tools use the same code.
 Object linkage is done using the JSON Hyper Schema (links property).
@@ -44,7 +67,7 @@
    - easy way to create command line tools (using same API).
 API Implementation (PVE::RESTHandler)
 All classes exposing methods on the API use PVE::RESTHandler as base class.
@@ -54,9 +77,9 @@
   __PACKAGE__->register_method ($schema);
-Where $schema is a PVE method schema a describe in PVE::JSONSchema. It
-includes a description of parameters and return values, and a
-reference to the actual code
+Where $schema is a PVE method schema as described in
+PVE::JSONSchema. It includes a description of parameters and return
+values, and a reference to the actual code
 __PACKAGE__->register_method ({
     name => 'echo', 

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