[pve-devel] need help to login to pve2-manager

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Wed Aug 24 10:20:26 CEST 2011

HI Alexandre,

would you mind to send text mails instead of html - that is easier to handle for me.

Also, we should send all those mails to pve-devel list (added now)

 > I'm trying to login to pve2-manager, as root but it doesn't seem to works.
> realm combo is empty.

Do you get any error in the browsers (use firebug or something similar to debug)

Also try 'pvesh' (a command line interface for the API):

# pvesh
entering PVE shell - type 'help' for help
pve:/> get access/domains
200 OK
      "comment" : "Proxmox VE authentication server",
      "realm" : "pve",
      "type" : "builtin"
      "comment" : "Linux PAM standard authentication",
      "realm" : "pam",
      "type" : "builtin"

Does that work?

> I read the doc, root use by default the @pam realm, but i don't see anything in
> /var/log/auth.log.
> I also try with the  auth-test.pl from pve-access-control package,
> # perl auth-test.pl root
> password: *********
> value 'root' does not look like a valid user name

The correct pve username is 'root at pam'

> So i wan't to try with @pve realm, but i don't have user.cfg / shadow.cfg.
> could you tell me how to create an admin user with pveum ?

first: update the pve-access-contol package (just uploaded a fix).

then take a look at:

# pveum help useradd

and try:

# pveum useradd testuser at pve -p

(then type the password)

- Dietmar

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