[pve-devel] r5007 - pve-access-control/trunk

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Mon Aug 16 12:48:01 CEST 2010

Author: dietmar
Date: 2010-08-16 10:48:01 +0000 (Mon, 16 Aug 2010)
New Revision: 5007

some thoughts about the api

Modified: pve-access-control/trunk/TODO
--- pve-access-control/trunk/TODO	2010-08-16 10:29:55 UTC (rev 5006)
+++ pve-access-control/trunk/TODO	2010-08-16 10:48:01 UTC (rev 5007)
@@ -1,4 +1,37 @@
 TODO: pve-access-control
-Seth?: Implement API Class to manage the domains.cfg file (AuthDomains.pm)
\ No newline at end of file
+Seth?: Implement API Class to manage the domains.cfg file
+   (AuthDomains.pm)
+pveum api: 
+Is it worth to emulate the useradd/usermod interface? We initially
+   done that because we thought users are common with that.
+But now it would be possible to expose a 'REST' like interface - like
+   the one we use with pvesh.
+pveum (get|set|create|delete) <path> [OPTIONS]
+useradd: pveum create users/<username> [OPTIONS]
+usermod: pveum set users/<username> [OPTIONS]
+userdel: pveum delete users/<username>
+list:    pveum get users
+data:    pveum get users/<username>
+groupadd: pveum create groups/<groupname> [OPTIONS]
+groupmod: pveum set groups/<groupname> [OPTIONS]
+groupdel: pveum delete groups/<groupname>
+list:     pveum get groups
+data:     pveum get groups/<groupname>
+roleadd: pveum create roles/<rolename> [OPTIONS]
+rolemod: pveum set roles/<rolename> [OPTIONS]
+roledel: pveum delete roles/<rolename>
+list:    pveum get roles
+data:    pveum get roles/<rolename>

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