[pmg-devel] [RFC pmg-api] database: use foreign keys for rule and object group attribute

Dominik Csapak d.csapak at proxmox.com
Thu Feb 22 11:05:22 CET 2024

On 2/22/24 10:47, Stefan Hanreich wrote:
> As discussed, looks good afaict - might want to add an index later for
> faster joins since postgres doesn't add them automatically for FKs. I'd
> assume the rule DB gets read quite often when processing mail but might
> still be overkill for a couple hundred rows.

just fyi, the rule system only gets loaded once per smtp-filter startup
(via RuleCache) and then only when it's signaled to reload which should
only happen when the actual rule system changes

(i actually just sent a fix for the groups since writing you reminded me 
that if forgot that ^^)

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