[pmg-devel] [PATCH multiple 0/7] PMG TFA support

Wolfgang Bumiller w.bumiller at proxmox.com
Fri Nov 26 14:55:04 CET 2021

This touches multiple repos as it required some more ground-work on the
rust side:

1) proxmox-tfa
   Aside from fixups and maintenance, patch 4 is the important one:
   The `origin` in the webauthn configuration is now *optional*.

   Note that the origin is generally required for webauthn, however, we
   also have clusters where the origin shouldn't be pinned cluster-wide.

   This does not really affect PVE as there we store the webauthn
   configuration separately and apply it only when it is used, but in
   PBS it's kept directly in tfa.json, and PMG for now does this too,
   although we *could* move it to pmg.conf or some other synced file if
   we wanted?
   That would in theory remove the need for this, but I think this is
   actually a more appropriate API anyway, since the two other parts of
   the config stay the same across a cluster, and the origin can simply
   be provided as an overriding parameter to the methods which actually
   make use of it.

2) proxmox-perl-rs
   pmg-rs is now moved into here, also, this contains fixups for the
   proxmox-tfa-crate-using pve-side.
   Since the newly introduced parameters are at the end and optional,
   and perlmod 0.9 supports trailing Option<> parameters as actual
   *optional* parameters, this may in theory even be API compatible with
   PVE, so hopefully no `Breaks` on old pve-access-control is required,
   but we'll see.

3) pmg-api
   Same login & TFA api updates as in PVE. The config API path is
   different, but that's not shared code anyway ;-)
   API2/TFA.pm is very similar to PVE, I think I got the method schemas
   wright, but I'm not used to the permissions system in PMG so please
   double-check this.
   The actual changes to the login code path is much shorter than in PVE
   since we did not actually have TFA support in there yet.

4) pmg-gui
   For now this only adds TFA login and the `TfaView` from WTK. The
   config (which in this case only means webauthn settings) part isn't
   there yet.

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