[pmg-devel] [PATCH v2 pmg-docs 2/2] add white- and blacklist clarification

Mira Limbeck m.limbeck at proxmox.com
Thu May 28 16:26:54 CEST 2020

The difference between the 3 whitelists and 2 blacklists is not
explained anywhere in the docs and leads to confusion all the time.
To improve this situation add an overview over the different white- and
blacklists explaining at which level and how they work.

Signed-off-by: Mira Limbeck <m.limbeck at proxmox.com>
 - incorporated stoiko's suggestions
 - fixed the ifndef/ifdef for the manpage

 pmgconfig.adoc | 47 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 47 insertions(+)

diff --git a/pmgconfig.adoc b/pmgconfig.adoc
index 62944c3..9aab393 100644
--- a/pmgconfig.adoc
+++ b/pmgconfig.adoc
@@ -186,6 +186,53 @@ you change the configuration using the GUI or API.
 NOTE: Modified templates from `/etc/pmg/templates/` are automatically
 synced from the master node to all cluster members.
+White- and Blacklists
+{pmg} has multiple white- and blacklists. It differentiates between the 
+xref:pmgconfig_mailproxy_options[SMTP Whitelist]. The rule-based whitelist
+and the user whitelist.
+In addition to the whitelists there are 2 separate blacklists. The rule-based
+blacklist and the user blacklist.
+SMTP Whitelist
+The xref:pmgconfig_mailproxy_options[SMTP Whitelist] is responsible for disabling
+greylisting as well as SPF and DNSBL checks. These are done during the SMTP
+Rule-based White-/Blacklist
+xref:chapter_mailfilter[rule-based white- and blacklists]
+rule-based white- and blacklists
+are predefined rules. They work by checking the attached 'Who' objects,
+containing e.g. a domain or a mail address, for a match. If it matches, the
+assigned action is used which by default is 'Accept' for the whitelist rule and
+'Block' for the blacklist rule. In the default setup the blacklist rule has
+priority over the whitelist rule and spam checks.
+User White-/Blacklist
+The user white- and blacklist are user specific. Every user can add mail addresses
+to their white- and blacklist. When a user adds a mail address to the whitelist,
+the result of the spam analysis will be discarded for that recipient. This can
+help the mail being accepted, but it still depends on the other rules what
+happens next. In the default setup this results in the mail being accepted for
+this recipient.
+For mail addresses on a user's blacklist the spam score will be increased by 100.
+It still depends on the rule system what happens when a spam score that high is
+encountered. In the default setup it will be recognized as spam and quarantined
+(spam score of 3 or higher).
 System Configuration

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