[pmg-devel] [PATCH v2 pmg-docs] Feature #2438 add support for lmtp delivery to downstream servers

Julian Zehnter pmg-devel at j-z.it
Sun Jan 5 15:53:08 CET 2020

new feature lmtp support for simplifying setups
with lmtp capable downstream servers (e.g. dovecot)
Postfix support lmtp out of the box and can now deliver
mails directly to internal mailbox servers without
one more smtp connection

extending the documentation for new lmtp option
in MailProxyConfiguration and MailProxyConfiguration:Transport

Signed-off-by: Julian Zehnter <pmg-devel at j-z.it>
 gen-pmg.conf.5-opts.pl           | 1 +
 pmg.mail-relaying-conf-opts.adoc | 9 +++++++--
 pmgconfig.adoc                   | 6 ++++--
 3 files changed, 12 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/gen-pmg.conf.5-opts.pl b/gen-pmg.conf.5-opts.pl
index 4ed3300..3237060 100755
--- a/gen-pmg.conf.5-opts.pl
+++ b/gen-pmg.conf.5-opts.pl
@@ -56,6 +56,7 @@ my $key_groups = {
 	    relay => 1,
 	    relaynomx => 1,
 	    relayport => 1,
+		relayprotocol => 1,
 	    smarthost => 1,
 	    smarthostport => 1,
diff --git a/pmg.mail-relaying-conf-opts.adoc b/pmg.mail-relaying-conf-opts.adoc
index d76fa2b..917bddd 100644
--- a/pmg.mail-relaying-conf-opts.adoc
+++ b/pmg.mail-relaying-conf-opts.adoc
@@ -4,11 +4,16 @@ The default mail delivery transport (incoming mails).
 `relaynomx`: `<boolean>` ('default =' `0`)::
-Disable MX lookups for default relay.
+Disable MX lookups for default smtp relay.
+Will be ignored when choosing lmtp as transport protocol.
 `relayport`: `<integer> (1 - 65535)` ('default =' `25`)::
-SMTP port number for relay host.
+SMTP/LMTP port number for relay host.
+`relayprotocol`: `<smtp | lmtp>` ('default =' `smtp`)::
+Transport protocol for relay host.
 `smarthost`: `<string>` ::
diff --git a/pmgconfig.adoc b/pmgconfig.adoc
index d9b15dc..e6ebe57 100644
--- a/pmgconfig.adoc
+++ b/pmgconfig.adoc
@@ -371,8 +371,10 @@ e-mail servers. For example you can send e-mails addressed to
 domain.com to your first e-mail server, and e-mails addressed to
 subdomain.domain.com to a second one.
-You can add the IP addresses, hostname and SMTP ports and mail domains (or
-just single email addresses) of your additional e-mail servers.
+You can add the IP addresses, hostname, transport protocol (smtp/lmtp),
+transport ports and mail domains (or just single email addresses)
+of your additional e-mail servers. When transport protocol is set to `lmtp`,
+the option 'Use MX' is useless and will be automatically set to 'No'.

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