[pmg-devel] Headers contain illegal BOM

José Manuel Giner jm at ginernet.com
Wed Oct 9 12:16:12 CEST 2019

Hello, we use PMG as relay smarthost of our cPanel servers. This way we 
block outgoing SPAM. But in addition, we also have configured a 
smarthost in the PMG to analyze with a SpamExperts relay.

This would be the scheme:

Sender -> PMG -> SpamExperts -> Recipient

The problem we have, is that for a few weeks now, some mails are 
rejected by Spamexperts and the reason is:

Headers contain illegal BOM

We have configured PMG to send a copy to another mailbox and thus be 
able to analyze the headers of the mails that give problems and 
effectively, we see in the headers the characters of Byte Order Mark (BOM)

Especially in the header "Content preview"

Coincidentally this is happening to us since we have upgraded to PMG v6, 
with PMG v5 it has never happened to us before...

Can it be a problem in PMG v6 ?

Is there an option in Proxmox to remove BOM characters from emails 
before sending them?

Any idea how to fix it?


José Manuel Giner

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