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Sofiane BENMEKKI sofiane.benmekki at m2ssi.fr
Thu Jun 27 09:22:46 CEST 2019

Yes Postfix allows that and it works perfectly, but it doesn't allow per user limit and defining action to perform when user send more mails than allowed. 
The second reason is that we would like to take advantage of existing PMG filters.

Thanks for the Postfix reference, i used to configure it as show on the article.
By the way, I'm also adding some code to configure Postfix master and define new transport and their options on PMG. The current transport configuration on PMG doen't allow that.

API : https://github.com/dabi0ne/pmg-api/commits/advanced_postfix
GUI : https://github.com/dabi0ne/pmg-gui/commits/advanced_postfix

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> On 17 June 2019 at 23:03 Sofiane BENMEKKI <sofiane.benmekki at m2ssi.fr> wrote:
> Indeed, it could generate some latence on mail delivery due to the SQL requests.
> I tested it on server that handles about 10 000 a day and there no serious impact.
> To avoid performance implications it will be better to have a dedicated table updated at same time that statistics and that will reduce query time.
> For now it's not, because my restriction was to not change a lot of PMG core code/structure.

Postfix is also able to limit mail traffic efficiently, for example:


shows how to limit mails per domain. Won't that work for you also?

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