[pmg-devel] Antivirus support for Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Linux (kesl)

Davide Bozzelli davide.bozzelli at gci.it
Mon Jan 14 22:28:49 CET 2019

Hi Stoiko
Thx for your detailed analysis
I will respond inline:

Il 14/01/19 21:30, Stoiko Ivanov ha scritto:
> Regarding your provided integration and code - It looks ok from a quick
> glance! Some minor remarks:
> * I would have probably outsourced most of the
>    kesl-handling to `/var/custom/scripts/kav_scan.sh` (and rewritten it
>    in perl or a language, which makes string handling easier).
I've written in bash to avoid multiple forks involved by calling various 
kesl-control tru system() in perl
directly from pmg-smtp-filter.

> * You probably could skip the create-task/start-task/delete-task chain,
>    by using the --scan-file option (it relies on the `Scan_File`
>    settings, which you can set once (and then provide the file-name to
>    be scanned on the command-line) -
Yes this was my first experiment but ending in a way i could not find
virus name from output:

root at mailgw3:/var/custom/dev/kav# /opt/kaspersky/kesl/bin/kesl-control 
--scan-file /tmp/eicar_com.zip --action skip
Scanned objects                     : 2
Total detected objects              : 1
Infected objects and other objects  : 2
Disinfected objects                 : 0
Moved to Storage                    : 0
Removed objects                     : 0
Not disinfected objects             : 1
Scan errors                         : 0
Password-protected objects          : 0
Skipped                             : 0

As  you can see from the output i'm getting only infected objects and 
NOT the virus name.
So seems that create task/delete task with a unique uuid would be a MUST 
in order to get
a detailed info (eg: virus name) from kesl log.
>    `kesl-control --scan-file /tmp/eicar.txt` worked for me.
> * minor nit: I would probably leave UUID-generation to a library
>    (although we are not too fond of pulling in more dependencies) - but
>    in this case you probably would be on the save side with mkstemp (or
>    File::Temp in perl)
I've preferred using a "simple" diy approach to generate the uuid 
(shameless borrowed code from somewhere on the net)

> Does the custom scan script sound like a good compromise for your
> use-case?
> Thanks for investing your time and sharing your solution!
> stoiko
> [0] I managed to get 7 events for one .xls attached to a SPAM-Message
Regarding events, I use the same approach of getting virus name from 
other virus scan (mostly clamav sub),
simple get the first virus name from the output.
FYI: kesl logs the events in a sqlite which would be readed directly 
from perl (eg: pmg-smtp-filter).

I'm agree with you that something could change in kesl output and then 
makes parsing  useless, i will test
in the following months and let you know if this become true.

Thx for you time.

Davide Bozzelli
System Engineer

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