[pmg-devel] PMG with rspamd

Christian Heutger christian at heutger.net
Tue May 29 14:25:37 CEST 2018



so I had a very short view on pmgproxy and pmg-smtp-filter and it looks like, that this are completely own codes just using any kind of webserver and include spamassassin. So there seems to be no quick or easy change beside Proxmoxs developers help, to wrap amavisd around pmg-smtp-filter or get use of additional information by adjusting pmg-smtp-filter to work with/in combination with MailScanner or already directly MailWatch. So I will continue on testing rspamd and try to find on how I could combine both spam scan results to have a combined optimized result and both GUIs to check how the scanner is working.




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