[pmg-devel] Possibility to integrate ESET Virus scanner

Christian Heutger christian at heutger.net
Mon Dec 17 10:14:58 CET 2018

>> is it possible, to get ESET Virus scanner integrated to PMG? I already opened a thread therefor in the forum and posted all information, I can provide. Primary I just need the adjusted regex and some few comments, then everything should be fine. Would be happy, if it could be integrated with PMG like Avast in the past.
> AFAIR, that scanner does not have a reasonable interface, and always loads the hole virus database
> at startup. So this is extremely slow. The output is also totally undocumented? I don't think
> that product is ment to be integrated into a mail gateway.

What do you mean by a reasonable interface? What do you expect there (for PMG CLI integration)? In comparison to Avast scan the ESET scan is completely similar in its call and response way. Scan time also looked similar to avast, but most important: Solution is actual and will for sure continue to be offered and existing meanwhile avast looks as unofficial still supported. Is avast output documented? Where?

If you look for a solution with good reputation, still being offered, being fast and with well documented API, why don’t look at Sophos. But on my question, if sophos SAVI will be integrated, I got a no as response. That’s the only real solution meant for gateway integration, neither avast nor eset is then such a solution, also clamav isn’t.
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