[pbs-devel] [PATCH proxmox-backup v3] close #4723: updated gc view in the ui

Gabriel Goller g.goller at proxmox.com
Fri Sep 22 12:45:33 CEST 2023

>> Am 20/09/2023 um 19:02 schrieb Gabriel Goller:
>>> Added `ObjectGrid` for GCView, moved to different file. Added
>>> endpoint `gc_info` that returns all the necessary config and
>>> last run stats.
> Sorry to only notice this on v3, but can you please split this patch
> into:
> - new API
> - moving GC view out to own file (with as little semantic change as
>    possible)
> - adding new UI
> In general, it can be fine to do API and UI in one patch if they are
> quite coupled, and it's a relatively small and targeted feature. But, if
> there's existing UI code it still can be nicer to split this so one can
> differ easier between file-movement changes and actual code changes
> (git's color-moved isn't IME that helpful)
So I should submit one patch with the new api endpoint, another one
with moving the gc view ouf of the file (which I will have to create because
the PrunceAndGCView makes one api request for both tables and uses the
same store) and another one for the new ui?
> [...]
>>> +    // calculate next event
>>> +    if let Some(schedule) = &store_config.gc_schedule {
>>> +        if let (Ok(event), Some(last_run)) = (
>>> +            schedule.parse::<CalendarEvent>(),
>>> +            computed_schedule.last_run_endtime,
>>> +        ) {
>>> +            if let Ok(next_event) = event.compute_next_event(last_run) {
>>> +                computed_schedule.next_run = next_event;
>>> +            }
>>> +        }
>>> +    }
>> If GC never ran but is scheduled, it would also be nice to show the next
>> scheduled run.
>> This might be usefull if people had not GC configured, then create a job
>> to further indicate that the job is scheduled correctly.
> I did not check it out closely, but how is the situation handled if it's
> currently running, returning that under "last_run_upid" would be
> probably confusing, but without >UPID one cannot allow one to open the
> log easily, or do we want to have this strictly for last- and next-run?
Showing the log while the gc is running was never possible (except when you
manually start it from the ui, then it opens automatically) but we could 
a "Show Log" button as we have the `upid`...

When the gc job is currently running, we display a spinner on the status 
row. To find
out if the gc job is currently running, we simply check if the `upid` 
exists and the
`last_run_endtime` does not.

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