[pbs-devel] [PATCH proxmox-backup] fix #4823: datastore: ignore vanished files when walking directory

Gabriel Goller g.goller at proxmox.com
Fri Sep 8 14:56:17 CEST 2023

On 9/8/23 11:36, Thomas Lamprecht wrote:
> On 08/09/2023 09:41, Gabriel Goller wrote:
>>> that's some deep indentation level.. not a must, but maybe you find
>>> some good/simple way to refactor some of this to make it a bit less
>>> crowded here (if, then in a separate patch please)
>> I could check if `err` is an `io:Error`, thus returning early. Then calling `.unwrap()`
>> to get the actual `io::Error` later on.
> I re-checked the whole code and pushed a clean-up that reduces the
> indentation level and also code lines. Can you please re-check on that
> if to ensure I did not missed something by mistake?
> Oh, and while checking this out I noticed something odd, i.e., that we
> silence any error that isn't a io::Error one,  as of Walkdir::Error
> rustdocs [0] that can only happen if there's a (symlink) loop, but
> still. So I checked the history and it seems that I caused this way
> back in 2020 by the original addition of the "ignore lost+found" EPERM
> commit [1].
> But just making that an error again now might be a breaking change,
> depending on what effect symlink loops currently actually have on GC.
> Can you test this please? If it does makes GC endlessly loop then we
> can just introduce the error again, as it's now broken already anyway.
> But if walkdir breaks the loop, or the like, then we might just make
> that an log with warning level. As we do not enable WalkDir's opt-in
> follow_symlinks it might not matter after all as the Loop error
> shouldn't be triggered if symlinks aren't followed, but still good
> to test and be certain.
> [0]: https://rust.velas.com/walkdir/struct.Error.html#method.io_error
> [1]: c3b090ac ("backup: list images: handle walkdir error, catch "lost+found"")

We don't follow symbolic links when traversing files.
`walkdir` has a builder function `follow_links()` with which you can
select if you want to follow symbolic links or not, the default is no [0].


>>>> +                            // only allow to skip ext4 fsck directory, avoid GC if, for example,
>>>> +                            // a user got file permissions wrong on datastore rsync to new server
>>>> +                            if err.depth() > 1 || !path.ends_with("lost+found") {
>>>> +                                bail!("cannot continue garbage-collection safely, permission denied on: {:?}", path)
>>>> +                            }
>>>> +                        }
>>>> +                        io::ErrorKind::NotFound => {
>>>> +                            // ignore vanished file
>>> would be still good to log that here, at least at debug level
>>> if it can be noisy; but as there wasn't many that run into this
>>> in the four years of PBS existing I'd guess a always visible
>>> level is fine as long as the log message doesn't sounds scary.
>> How about a "ignoring/skipping vanished file: {path}" on the info log level?
> Yeah, something like that, but I'd use just one of "ignoring" or
> "skipping"
> Oh, and I would also mention in the commit message that backups that
> are just being created (where a atomic rename from e.g. a tmpdir to
> the actual one might also cause a ENOENT) are not problematic here,
> as GC is handling those explicitly anyway.
Submitted a new patch.

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