[pbs-devel] Proxmox Backup Server 2.4 available

Martin Maurer martin at proxmox.com
Wed Mar 29 13:15:26 CEST 2023

Hi all,

we're exited to announce the release of Proxmox Backup Server 2.4. It's 
based on Debian 11.6 "Bullseye", but using a newer Linux kernel 5.15 or 
6.2, and includes ZFS 2.1.9.

Proxmox Backup Server 2.4 comes with dark mode, LDAP authentication, and 
support for WORM tapes.

Here are the highlights
* Debian 11.6, but using a newer Linux kernel 5.15 or 6.2
* ZFS 2.1.9
* Dark mode
* Added LDAP authentication realm and user synchronization
* Initial support for WORM tapes
* Download task logs in the web interface

We have included countless bugfixes and improvements on many places; see 
the release notes for all details.

Release notes

Press release

Alternate ISO download:


Community Forum


Source code


Q: Can I upgrade Proxmox Backup Server 2.x to 2.4 with GUI (or apt)?
A: Yes

Q: How does this integrate into Proxmox Virtual Environment?
A: Just add a Proxmox Backup Server datastore as a new storage target in 
your Proxmox VE. Make sure that you run the latest Proxmox VE 7.x.

Q: How do I install the proxmox-backup-client on my Debian or Ubuntu server?
A: We provide a "Proxmox Backup Client-only Repository", see 

Q: What will happen with the existing backup tool (vzdump) in Proxmox 
Virtual Environment?
A: You can still use vzdump. The new backup is an additional, but very 
powerful way to backup and restore your VMs and containers.

Q: Is there any recommended server hardware for the Proxmox Backup Server?
A: We recommend enterprise-grade server hardware components, with fast 
local SSD/NVMe storage. Access and response times from rotating drives 
will slow down all backup server operations. See 

Q: Can I install Proxmox Backup Server on Debian, in a VM, as LXC or 
alongside with Proxmox VE?
A: Yes, but all this is not the recommended setup (expert use only).

Q: Where can I get more information about upcoming features?
A: Follow the announcement forum and pbs-devel mailing list 
https://lists.proxmox.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/pbs-devel, and 
subscribe to our newsletter https://www.proxmox.com/news and see 

Best Regards,

Martin Maurer

martin at proxmox.com

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