[pbs-devel] [PATCH proxmox-backup 0/4] native local sync-jobs

Lukas Wagner l.wagner at proxmox.com
Tue Feb 14 09:02:16 CET 2023

On 2/13/23 16:45, Hannes Laimer wrote:
> Add support for local sync. Sync-jobs without
> a remote are considered local, and use a
> different logic for pulling. The main reason
> for not reusing the existing pull logic is
> that the current logic relies on having a
> HttpClient and without a remote we can't create
> one. Having separate logic for local pulling
> however should speed up local syncs a bit,
> and for syncs in the same datastore, chunck
> transmission can be skipped all together.
> Also the autocompletion and UI is updated
> to support local sync-jobs.
> The new logic is mostly adding a local
> alternative whenever the HttpClient is used.
> Since the pulling process involves a lot of
> functions calling functions to do smaller stuff
> it was not really possible to split the changes
> up more.

Gave this a quick spin on the latest master, here's what I tested:
   * Local syncing withing the same datastore (between different namespaces)
   * Local syncing between different datastores
   * Remote syncing to a different PBS instance, to make sure that nothing broke

Everything seems to work as expected. Consider these patches:

Tested-by: Lukas Wagner <l.wagner at proxmox.com>

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