[pbs-devel] [PATCH proxmox-backup v2 1/1] ui: make panels in the dashboard all the same height

Stefan Sterz s.sterz at proxmox.com
Thu Mar 10 11:20:33 CET 2022

On 10.03.22 11:15, Thomas Lamprecht wrote:
> On 10.03.22 11:13, Stefan Sterz wrote:
>> On 10.03.22 10:31, Thomas Lamprecht wrote:
>>> On 03.03.22 16:03, Stefan Sterz wrote:
>>>> this fixes an issue where the layout looks misaligned in three column
>>>> layouts
>>> imo it makes the layout look worse in the two column layout as there's a lot
>>> of empty, odd looking space in the "Task Summary" and "Subscription" card.
>>> We could only change the running/longest task one, that'd fix the biggest
>>> problem with the three column mode and still looks nice in the two-column
>>> mode - what do you think?
>> yes they do look a bit awkward, if we fix both the longest and running
>> tasks panels that works for me too. we could also set the height to
>> 270 instead of 280, that would mean we have almost the same vertical
>> height as before overall (off by 10) and it would make the
>> "uptime/stats" look a bit nicer imho (getting rid of the whitespace
>> "chin"). ill send a patch for that in a sec.
> note that different translations can mean a line break in the stats panel,
> IIRC that chin is there on purpose.

yeah, you are right. i can send a v3 (sorry for the spam). i'd like
to point out though that in e.g. arabic even 280 is not enough. arabic
would require something closer to 320 to be displayed nicely.

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