[pbs-devel] applied-series: [PATCH proxmox-backup 00/15] RRD database improvements

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Wed Oct 13 13:58:26 CEST 2021

On 13.10.21 10:24, Dietmar Maurer wrote:
> - use a journal. This way we can reduce the overall number of bytes
>   written by increasing the flush/commit interval (30 minutes).
> - the new CBOR base format is more flexible, and we store much more
>   data points now.
> We previously wrote about 7MB/h. With the new format and journal, we now write about 3MB/h.
> Dietmar Maurer (15):
>   proxmox-rrd: use a journal to reduce amount of bytes written
>   RRD_CACHE: use a OnceCell instead of lazy_static
>   proxmox-backup-proxy: use tokio::task::spawn_blocking instead of
>     block_in_place
>   proxmox-rrd: implement new CBOR based format
>   proxmox-rrd: remove dependency to proxmox-rrd-api-types
>   proxmox-rrd: extract_data: include values from current slot
>   remove proxmox-rrd-api-types crate,
>     s/RRDTimeFrameResolution/RRDTimeFrame/
>   proxmox-rrd: support CF::Last
>   proxmox-rrd: split out load_rrd (cleanup)
>   proxmox-rrd: add binary to create/manage rrd files
>   proxmox-rrd: avoid % inside loop
>   proxmox-rrd: new helper methods - slot() and slot_end_time()
>   proxmox-rrd: protect against negative update time
>   proxmox-rrd: rename last_counter to last_value
>   proxmox-rrd: add more commands to the rrd cli tool

applied whole series, with the diff you replied on patch 14/15 squashed in and the rrd
debug tool moved to examples as quick "fix" for avoiding proxmox-router as hard dependency
on the crate for now, thanks!

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