[pbs-devel] [PATCH proxmox-backup 2/2] docs: remotes: note that protected flags will not be synced

Dominik Csapak d.csapak at proxmox.com
Tue Nov 23 10:54:24 CET 2021

Signed-off-by: Dominik Csapak <d.csapak at proxmox.com>
 docs/managing-remotes.rst | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

diff --git a/docs/managing-remotes.rst b/docs/managing-remotes.rst
index fbd58dcb..ea1d3f63 100644
--- a/docs/managing-remotes.rst
+++ b/docs/managing-remotes.rst
@@ -112,6 +112,7 @@ of the specified criteria are synced. The available criteria are:
 The same filter is applied to local groups for handling of the
 ``remove-vanished`` option.
+.. note:: The ``protected`` flag of remote backup snapshots will not be synced.
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